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Advertising vs. Shopper: The Different Roles of “Emotion”

Many marketers (and Insights agencies) approach packaging and shopper research from an advertising background and perspective.  However, the reality is that these are fundamentally different media – and there is risk in applying an advertising “mindset” (and methods/metrics) to shopper studies. Advertising is about implanting brand and product messages, which are to be recalled and…

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Qualitative Research for the "System 1" Shopper

Qualitative Research for the “System 1” Shopper

At PRS IN VIVO, we recognize that humans use two modes of thinking which govern their decision making process, and ultimately drive behavior.  This concept of ‘System 1 and System 2’ was introduced by Daniel Kahneman in 2011 in his book Thinking, Fast & Slow. No doubt, this concept also applies to shoppers as they…

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Pierre Chandon Featured

Why INSEAD’s Pierre Chandon says Less is More

Pierre Chandon is the L’Oreal-Chaired Professor of Marketing, Innovation, and Creativity at INSEAD, one of the world’s leading business schools. Pierre studies innovative food marketing solutions – particularly package and portion design – to improve consumer health and wellness, while preserving business growth and eating enjoyment. PRS IN VIVO is proud to have collaborated with…

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Packaging Cues

Moving Beyond Visual Packaging Cues

Brands have meticulously crafted and tweaked their product packaging visuals in order to expertly communicate key messages to their consumers on both a rational and emotional level. These packaging communications have mostly relied on our visual senses. However, our visual sense is only one of the five senses we have. In an extremely ever growing, competitive market,…

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Webinar on Travel Retail

Winning at Duty Free: Influencing the Travel Retail Shopper

The Duty Free market is large (nearly $50 billion) and growing quickly (at nearly 10% per year), fueled by the rising disposable income of the young Chinese travelers. With this opportunity in mind, PRS IN VIVO has recently conducted studies at over a dozen global airports, using a combination of web-based logs and observation (via…

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Chicago Craft Beers

The Wonderful World of Chicago’s Craft Beer Packaging

The craft beer aisle can be somewhat of a sensory overload. The sheer variety is overwhelming, as there are hundreds of different breweries, each having several different styles. But this set up allows for exploring and experimentation, and can be a rewarding experience; provided that you like the beer you choose. Packaging often serves as…

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What Innovations Will Consumers Pay For?

At PRS IN VIVO, we’re often asked what “really matters” to shoppers.  Specifically, some marketers ask where they should focus their efforts, particularly tied to packaging and product innovation. Clearly, there’s no single answer, but across categories, we’ve seen that people consistently value the following functional benefits: Portability Packs that link to new usage occasions…

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Pricing on Shelf

The Importance of Real in Qual: To Price or Not to Price?

At PRS IN VIVO, we emphasize the importance of context to drive sound Qualitative insights.  As such, it is critical to include a category shelf or store environment when conducting packaging and shopper research. This approach often leads to questions around how “real” the shelf should be – and specifically should pricing be included. Since…

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3 Strategies for Growing Product Categories

At PRS IN VIVO, many of our clients are now focused on partnering with retailers to grow product categories. While driving incremental growth is always challenging, we have seen “success stories” across different countries, categories and retail channels. Here are three avenues to consider: Packaging Innovation New product varieties and flavors (in familiar pack formats)…

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