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3 Strategies for Growing Product Categories

At PRS IN VIVO, many of our clients are now focused on partnering with retailers to grow product categories. While driving incremental growth is always challenging, we have seen “success stories” across different countries, categories and retail channels. Here are three avenues to consider: Packaging Innovation New product varieties and flavors (in familiar pack formats)…

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Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s – my one and only!

I have been shopping at Trader Joe’s ever since I was introduced to their Cookie Butter (no really, it’s addicting).  Actually, I’ve eliminated shopping at regular grocery stores almost entirely. The experience at Trader Joe’s is like no other. Here are the top 5 reasons why I love Trader Joe’s over other grocery retail stores: 1. Simple…

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St. Patrick's Beer Preferences

St. Patrick’s Day Beer Preferences

Survey finds domestic beer is the preferred holiday beverage in the US  According to a recent study conducted by PRS IN VIVO, Americans prefer beer – and specifically domestic beer – as their alcoholic beverage of choice for St. Patrick’s Day. This is true across genders and age groups. Furthermore, the majority of consumers prefer…

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Nivea Display

3 Principles for Effective POSM

At PRS IN VIVO, we regularly conduct studies to assess and enhance in-store communication (including displays, signage, shelf talkers, etc.). These studies take place both in actual stores and at our ShopperLabs® – and they often include Mobile Eye-Tracking, to document exactly what shoppers see (and miss) as they navigate and make purchase decisions. Based…

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Revolutionary Pack Changes

3 Best Practices for Making “Revolutionary” Pack Changes

At PRS IN VIVO, we often meet marketers and designers eager to make “revolutionary” packaging changes, yet worried about the potential risks. And without question, it’s true that dramatic (and misguided) pack changes can drive immediate sales declines (as experienced by Tropicana, Pantene, Celestial Seasonings, and many other brands). However, it is simply not true that…

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Brand Transitions

Managing Brand Migrations: 3 Key Factors for Success

Brands migrate (or merge identities) for many different reasons – and pack design always plays a critical role in the success of any migration effort.   While there is no single solution, marketers and designers are wise to consider three important factors as they navigate this process. Visual Equities The cornerstone of any successful migration lies…

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Featured Image

What Really Matters in Pack Innovation?

At PRS IN VIVO, we’re often asked what consumers really value in packaging – or to put it another way, “Where should companies focus our Innovation efforts?” If we are to generalize, we’d say that three (3) functional beliefs that people consistently value are: Portability We’ve also seen that creating packs that link directly to…

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Millennials and Gen Z

3 Ways to Connect with Millennials and Gen Z

How do you properly reach this Millennials and Generation Z through package design? Our answer is to be authentic and real! 1. Be Simple in Design A simple packaging design implies simplicity of the product inside, which in turn suggests an authentic product (i.e. not mass-produced). However, a plain white package can also appear dull or generic,…

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Toblerone Mismanages a Product Downsizing

Toblerone recently made the news – and upset many of its biggest fans – by downsizing its product. But what seems to have caused the greatest concern is not the downsizing, per se. It was the fact that the company tried to hide this change, by keeping the packaging the same, while increasing the gaps…

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