The 2017 Nudge Challenge with Greenpeace has arrived

October 23, 2017

In partnership with Greenpeace, the 2017 Nudge Challenge is a contest open to college students  of any discipline (attempting to achieve a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent) starting in the September 2017 academic year aiming to develop ideas of Nudge encouraging responsible food consumption.
Some existing issues include:
  • How to encourage the reduction of meat consumption?
  • How to encourage reduced consumption of dairy products and eggs? 
  • How to encourage a higher consumption of dried vegetables?
  • How to promote the purchase of local and organic products? 
  • How to promote the purchase of seasonal fruits and vegetables?

To help you, think about your daily life: when you go shopping for food, when you choose your dishes at the canteen/cafeteria, or when you must find what you are going to eat in the evening. Surprise us! Come up with some important insights related to responsible eating.

To register and for more information, please visit: