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New Product Execution

At PRS IN VIVO, we know that far too many promising new product concepts fail at the execution stage, when they have to differentiate at shelf – and to meet consumer’s expectations to drive re-purchase.

For this reason, we focus primarily on the execution of new products (via packaging, retail presentation and product delivery), by answering the following questions:

  • Which Package Best Converts Your Concept into a Successful New Product?
  • Where Should the New Product Be Shelved to Maximize Visibility and Trial?
  • Is an Investment in In-Store Signage Likely to Drive a Positive Return?
  • How Much Does this Innovation Cannibalize Existing SKUs – and Will It Grow the Category?
  • Does the Product Delivery Match Expectations Created by the Packaging?
  • What is the Likely In-Market Potential for this Innovation?

Our online and in-person methods all begin with the shopping experience to gauge visibility, differentiation and trial. And when possible, we link on-shelf performance to product delivery, in order to gauge satisfaction and ultimately to forecast sales.

Our “on-shelf” methods drive higher success rates for innovations – and they have been validated as predictive of in-market performance.

“Consumers don’t buy concepts or strategies. All they see is the execution.”
– AG Lafley, former CEO, Procter & Gamble

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New Product Methodology