We provide actionable insights rooted in shopping behavior and behavioral economics.

Nudge Marketing

A ‘Nudge’ is an effective little help that leads people to adopt a desired behavior, either consciously or subconsciously…

…and our “Nudge” unit is a pioneer in applying behavioral economics to the world of consumer marketing.

nudgeOur “Nudge” unit works with clients (such as Unilever, Danone, Henkel and SC Johnson) to encourage new shopping or usage behaviors, by applying key “drivers of influence” (such as salience, anchoring and reciprocity). These Nudges are an efficient and effective complement to other, traditional marketing efforts such as advertising and promotion.

Our team, led by Eric Singler, has now conducted over 40 Nudge engagements and received several ESOMAR awards for our NudgeLab methodology and “Nudging for Good” initiative.

Eric Singler is the author of Nudge Marketing and a well-established thought leader in applying behavioral economics to consumer marketing.

We have developed a proven and proprietary methodology for applying behavioral economics and identifying Nudge opportunities, which has won numerous ESOMAR awards. 

Please see below for a video explaining Nudge.