We provide actionable insights rooted in shopping behavior and behavioral economics.

Shopper Research

PRS IN VIVO focuses on three primary areas of Shopper insight:


Our range of services helps clients to understand the Shopper Journey (Shopper 360°), improve Shopper marketing, and explore e-commerce opportunities. This research involves both physical and digital shopping experiences (e-commerce) – and focuses on observed shopping behavior (visibility, shop-ability and purchase). We regularly conduct in-store, online and ShopperLab® studies for both manufacturers and retailers, addressing issues such as:

  • Shopper Marketing in Specific Retail Channels (including Club, Dollar, Convenience, Airport Duty Free, etc.)
  • Understanding Shopping Behavior of Key Segments (Millennials, Hispanics, etc.)
  • Assessment & Optimization of In-Store Merchandising (signage, displays, etc.)
  • Category Management & Aisle Reinvention
  • The Intersection of Physical and Digital Shopping

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We use our mobile eye-tracking to document shopper navigation, in-store and online.

ShopperLabs® are customizable venues for pre-testing new approaches to signage, displays and aisle configuration.