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Frito Lay: Doritos and Tostitos



  • Doritos was refreshing packaging graphics to create global harmonization and better convey the brand narrative of “bold”, “modern” and “dynamic”.
  • Tostitos was aiming to better position the brand for party occasions.


  • For Doritos, PRS IN VIVO conducted Qualitative screening research in the U.S., UK, Mexico, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, resulting in two finalist design systems. Those two Proposed designs were then assessed via the PRS IN VIVO On-Shelf Evaluation in-person method in the US, UK, Mexico and Turkey).
  • For Tostitos, PRS IN VIVO conducted Benchmarking research, documenting the strengths (and limitations) of Current packaging and uncovering visual equities. These insights guided the design brief. We also conducted qualitative screening and then a quantitative On-Shelf Evaluation study in the U.S.doritios


  • The “Orbit” design for Doritos emerged as the strongest alternative, as it:
    • conveyed strength and boldness (via the black color)
    • enhanced both visibility and shop-ability on shelf
    • created an “own-able” and extendable visual asset, as the foundation for a more consistent global brand identity
  • tostitos_newdesignThe “Vibe” design emerged as a successful re-stage for Tostitos, as it:
    • conveyed a more festive appearance, via the “Sharing T’s” icon
    • highlighted the product more effectively via the stronger window device highlighted the product more effectively
    • had a “bull’s-eye” effect on shelf, ensuring visibility and enhancing variety communication.