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HP: Shopper Journey & Shopper Marketing 



  • HP needed to better understand the shopper journey and optimize shopper marketing for PCs, printers and ink, as people were expressing confusion and frustration in shopping these categories.


  • PRS IN VIVO conducted several hundred in-store interviews
    • Among home and small business shoppers
    • across a variety of retail channels (including computer superstores, office centers and mass merchandise stores).
  • Mobile Eye-Tracking was used to document each person’s store visit including store/aisle navigation and engagement with product, signage and packaging, while in-aisle interviews gauged shoppers’ perceptions of the shopping experience.


  • The study confirmed that HP was overwhelming (and confusing) shoppers in the aisle, with a multitude of messages and touchpoints (displays, signage, packs, etc.).
  • We identified the most visible (and valuable) of these in-store touchpoints– and provided direction for a dramatic re-design (and simplification) of HP's shopper marketing efforts.
  • The new approach successfully facilitated shopping, while also dramatically reducing HP's investment in point-of-sale materials (displays, signage, etc.).
  • The success and positive impact of this initial study (in the U.S.) led to similar in-store efforts in both Europe and China.