Nestle: New Product Execution – PRS IN VIVO – A BVA GROUP COMPANY

Nestle: New Product Execution



  • Nestle (France) planned to introduce a new ready-to-bake dessert product capitalizing on its leadership in the chocolate morsel category.


  • PRS IN VIVO used web-based screening to narrow the initial range of packaging options
  • Our in-person qualitative and quantitative Retail Lab research measured visibility, differentiation and trial from shelf
    • and provided guidance for optimization of pack, product range and pricing.
  • The Retail Lab study was linked to product testing, to ensure that the recipe matched expectations (created by the pack)
    • The results were an integral part of the full volume forecast for this launch.


  • The combination of insights led to an effective package (which achieved high visibility, shop-ability and differentiation on shelf)
  • The in-market a very launch was highly successful – as accurately predicted by our volume forecast (within 5% of actual in-market sales).