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These 5 St. Patrick’s Day Products Really Got Us in the Holiday Spirit!

St Patricks Products

Hey all you leprechauns!
It's Veronica and Mike here and we are both really into Michael and VeronicaSt. Patrick's Day. 

So, we decided to review some festive finds for you!

1. Party Impressions' Plates & Beverage Napkins

If you don't eat your corned beef and cabbage with themed plates and napkins on St. Patrick's Day, you're doing it wrong.

Veronica: "I think these are wonderful! I love the colors and the different shades of green. I’d happily use these all year round.”

Mike: "The napkins are sturdy and great quality – this is very important. Polka dots always get me in the mood to party so I appreciate their representation here.”

Now time for breakfast ...

Veronica Cereal2. Lucky Charms Cereal with Green Clovers

Veronica: “The clovers are even better than the original Lucky Charms marshmallows…I feel lucky already.”

Mike:  *Takes bite* “Good stuff…and if this cereal box doesn’t get you in the spirit, I don’t know what will.”

Next up, dessert!

3. Lofthouse St. Patrick! Frosted Sugar Cookies

Veronica:  “Ohh! There are little clover sprinkles on here, I love that!  It tastes pretty good, better than I expected.  It’s like dough in my mouth.”

Mike: “Wow, this is amazing!  I’m a huge fan of this sugar cookie.”

St Patricks CookiesWhat do we have next? It's Oh Ryan's Irish Potatoes!

4. Oh Ryan's Irish Potatoes

Fun Fact: These are not real potatoes and these are not Irish (they come from the distant land of Philadelphia). Furthermore, they are packaged like this all year round, but we couldn’t resist adding them to our shopping cart.  The product website describes them as “a coconut cream center rolled in cinnamon. Because they are rolled in cinnamon, they look like small potatoes. They traditionally come out for St. Patrick’s Day, hence the name ‘Irish Potatoes.’”

Irish PotatoesMike: “First off, this packaging is genius.  I have never seen these and as an Irish person who eats potatoes at least three times a week, this brought a huge smile to my face.  Also, my Irish grandparents would love this.”

Veronica: “I’m actually really excited to try this.”

Veronica: “When you open the package, it smells like a bakery. But, I really didn’t like this. The flavor tastes like a coconut cream donut but not in a good OhRyansway. Gross.”

Mike: “I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it.  It was a lot of coconut flavor and too much cinnamon flavor. I would eat them if they were in front of me but I wouldn’t purchase them myself. I can only eat one though because it is way too much flavor.  In any case, I think the packaging alone gives them a deserving spot on any kitchen counter during the month of March.”

St Patricks Day CheersAll of those sweets left us parched! Time to drink some Guinness (no, we're joking, we're at work).

5. Elegant Touch Green Party Cups

Veronica: “Big fan.”

Mike: “Honestly, as simple as this is, I would love to see these at a St. Patrick’s Day party. It really ups the ante from the standard red cups we usually see.”

That's all for now, we're off to the pub!