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Moving Beyond Visual Packaging Cues

Brands have meticulously crafted and tweaked their product packaging visuals in order to expertly communicate key messages to their consumers on both a rational and emotional level. These packaging communications have mostly relied on our visual senses. However, our visual sense is only one of the five senses we have. In an extremely ever growing, competitive market, relying on just our visual senses can become very difficult for a brand. As a result of this, it looks as though brands are starting to explore other ways to be heard by developing new types of packaging which looks at targeting our other remaining four senses as well.

TQuartz Champagne PackagingOUCH: Textured packaging is a development in packaging that has been around for a while now, however, brands are continuing to explore this area by looking at different experiences consumers can have with packaging when it is touched. Take a look at Quartz champagne packaging by Max Molitor & Cajza Nyden, this unique packaging which follows the shape of a series of folding triangles, suggestively communicates the complexity that goes behind the development of this product. The crimping effect is unique to touch, whilst also offers a convenient stacking storing method.

SMELL: Brands are beginning to look at other categories where scented packaging could play a role. Clariant is one brand that has looked into how scented packaging can play to their advantage. They have introduced their new scented supplement packaging to mask the unpleasant smell one is usually greeted with when they open the packaging. In other words, instead of the unpleasant fishy smell you get when opening a bottle of cod-liver oil capsules, you could be greeted with a fresh vanilla, orange or lemon smell instead.

HEARING: A more recent packaging development is audible packaging. An example of this is a packaging developed by Purina which plays a ‘zip-lock’ sound when consumers close its cat treats pouch. The sound is designed to effectively give consumers the assurance of a tight seal which they may not have felt through the touch and sight alone.

TASTE: skipping_rocksThe final area which is probably the least established of them all is the development of edible packaging. Skipping Rocks Lab has created edible water bottles that will stop 1 billion plastic bottles reaching the ocean each year.

Looking for packaging opportunities where other human senses can be activated appears to be an interesting and fruitful route to be headed and one which is suspected to only become more popular as time goes on – because surely a brand targeting 3, 4 or all 5 of our sense will stand out and propel into that emotional territory far quicker than a brand which is only targeting one?

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