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Qualitative Research for the “System 1” Shopper

At PRS IN VIVO, we recognize that humans use two modes of thinking which govern their decision making process, and ultimately drive behavior.  This concept of ‘System 1 and System 2’ was introduced by Daniel Kahneman in 2011 in his book Thinking, Fast & Slow. No doubt, this concept also applies to shoppers as they navigate stores and select specific products to purchase.

System 1 Shopper

This universal understanding naturally leads to questions around how best to design research to ensure an approach that is aimed at understanding both systems of thinking.

This especially applies to Qualitative research, which is often thought of as very System 2, given associations with direct questioning that often take place in a focus group room environment.

At PRS IN VIVO, we design our Qualitative research differently in order to access System 1 thinking by:

Qual System 1 02

To learn more about designing Qualitative Research through a System 1 / System 2 framework, please contact Jenic Mantashian at Jenic.Mantashian@prs-invivo.com.