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Product Taste Test: Oui by Yoplait

Oui by Yoplait

With over 20 years’ experience of product testing research, and our combined heritage in France and the United States, we had to conduct a product taste test when we saw Oui by Yoplait, a new French style yogurt to be sold in the US.

Our internal U.S. panel – comprised of staffers who have visited France, lived in France, and even born in France - tasted 8 different flavors. Here is what they had to say:

What are your first impressions of the packaging?

"It's big. They're usually smaller in France."
"It's big for France but not in America."

Oui Taste TestThe glass jar was felt to convey premium, simple, and clean. However, the label looked childish to some, while others found it suggested personal and homemade. The group found the fruit visual to be lacking, and the fruit on the bottom was not appealing. Lemon was actually called “fluorescent” looking.

What are your expectations of "French Style Yogurt"? 

"I think French people know yogurt." 
"French food is just seen as higher quality."
"French food is gross. Especially their sauces." 

The group expected French Style yogurt would be not too sweet, smoother, creamier, fewer ingredients, and thicker. All positive connotations.

They also felt this product was attempting to piggy-back on the Greek yogurt craze.

However, they all said they would purchase the product if they saw it on the shelf because of curiosity.

So, how does it taste?

"The taste surpassed expectations for me."
"Tastes much better than the packaging looks!" 

oui taste test 2Removing the foil tops was a bit difficult as they are glued on very securely.  If you can remove the foil top without ripping it to shreds, you will find phrases underneath.

The panel overwhelmingly agreed that the yogurt was not as sweet as “American style” yogurt and was thicker. They were split as to whether they preferred this over Greek yogurt. One respondent pointed out that Oui tasted a bit like a ricotta cheesecake.

Coconut and, surprisingly given the negative appearance, Lemon were popular flavors.

Would you re-purchase this product?


Some pointed out that since the yogurt’s made of whole milk, it had higher grams of fat, which was worrisome. However, most happily said “oui”, they would definitely re-purchase Oui.

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Janice Lai