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Introducing the AI Pack Screening Model

Innovation to Help Brands Make Faster & Better Packaging Decisions

(Teaneck, NJ)  Global shopper insights agency, PRS IN VIVO, announced today the release of their AI Pack Screening Model, which applies data mining, artificial intelligence and an expert review process to quickly screen new packaging concepts.

This is the first of a portfolio of innovative and agile research solutions the company is releasing over the coming months.  These new offerings draw on the Company’s legacy of packaging, shopper and new product expertise, and address the market’s need for quick and cost-effective development, screening, validation solutions that are data-driven, reliable and predictive of in-market success.

To create the AI Pack Screening Model, PRS IN VIVO revisited their database of over 25,000 design systems, conducted a new meta-analysis, and are applying artificial intelligence to develop a predictive expert model.   This new model allows brands to screen packaging options (for both re-stages and new products) within days, providing affordable diagnostic insights to guide enhancements.

“At PRS IN VIVO, we have decades of learning about shopping and the world’s largest database of tested pack designs…” said PRS IN VIVO CEO, Scott Young, “so our goal was to apply this knowledge in a new way, to help clients make better decisions, more quickly and cost-effectively.   AI and Machine Learning have allowed us to unlock insights from our database and apply them to screening new designs. This service will help our clients streamline their design processes, and it will also open up our expertise to smaller brands, which may not have been able to afford traditional studies.”

Over the coming months, PRS IN VIVO will be launching an array of new, agile, innovative services focused on understanding shopper behavior and influencing consumer choice.

These solutions draw on the company’s expertise as the market leader in pack and shopper research, while leveraging technology to make insights faster, more affordable and actionable.  They will address all stages of the consumer journey and make best-in-class solutions accessible to all brands earlier in the development process.

“To influence shoppers in the physical, digital and omni-channel worlds, brands need reliable, timely and actionable guidance,” explains Emilie Eberly, PRS IN VIVO’s Head of Innovation.  “Whether applying AI to large data sets, or experimenting with advanced voice recognition, our goal is to integrate technology with behavioral insights and our world class expertise in shopper behavior.  This will allow us to develop solutions that address brands’ urgent challenges today, and create the breakthrough solutions of the future.”


At PRS IN VIVO, a BVA Group Company, we are committed to applying behavioral science to understand shopping behavior and influence consumers’ choices.

We conduct over 1,000 studies annually across nearly 50 countries, all of which focus on observing, understanding and influencing behavior.   With over 45 years of experience, we have unmatched data and expertise, along with a proven track record of helping clients improve their marketing and increase their in-market success.

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