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A New Approach to NPD Testing, which Starts with the Shopper, Shelf and Pack

Applying Behavioral Science Earlier in the NPD Process

(Teaneck, NJ)  Global shopper insights agency, PRS IN VIVO, announced today the release of their behavioral science based PackCept™ concept screener, which allows brands to test new product concepts in the context of the pack, the shelf and the shopping experience, earlier in the NPD process.

Earlier this year, PRS IN VIVO announced a portfolio of innovative and agile research solutions, which the company is releasing over the coming months. PackCept™ is the next in this line of new offerings, which draw on the Company’s legacy of packaging, shopper and new product expertise, as well as the company’s deep understanding of behavioral science.  The resulting solutions address the market’s need for quick and cost-effective development, screening and validation solutions that are based on behavioral science, reliable and predictive of in-market success.

New products too often fail in market, because they are developed and tested in isolation, as rational concept statements, far removed from the reality of the shopping experience.  PackCept™ reverses this process, by starting with the pack at the shelf and focusing on purchase decisions (in competitive context), rather than claimed purchase interest. This helps ensure that good ideas and concepts are effectively communicated in compelling package designs, which differentiate and drive choice and trial behavior.

“Brands are urgently looking for better ways to screen concepts early in the NPD process so that big bets can be placed with a greater assurance of success.  Behavioral science tells us that to be more predictive, it is vital to test concepts in a competitive shopping context, as people will actually encounter them in real life,” said Olivier Blanchet, PRS IN VIVO’s Vice President, Leader of Innovation and Forecasting.

“In a ‘post TV era’, attention spans and purchase decisions are shorter than ever – and most people encounter new products via the packaging.  So the key to NPD success is illustrating concepts via compelling pack designs that differentiate and change shopping choice patterns.  With PackCept™, we are bringing the ability to perform this shopper-based screening earlier in the NPD process, in a cost- and time-effective way.”

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At PRS IN VIVO, a BVA Group Company, we are committed to applying behavioral science to understand shopping behavior and influence consumers’ choices.

We conduct over 1,000 studies annually across nearly 50 countries, all of which focus on observing, understanding and influencing behavior.   With over 45 years of experience, we have unmatched data and expertise, along with a proven track record of helping clients improve their marketing and increase their in-market success.

Media Contact:  Janice Lai, PRS IN VIVO, 201-720-2754, Janice.Lai@prs-invivo.com