Never have I been more enthused to start a new role than I am this morning! I’m writing having moments ago joined PRS IN VIVO as global Chief Revenue Officer. After a 15+ year research career stretching across the world, I’m also more optimistic than ever about the potential our insights industry has to drive the growth of products and brands. Recently we’ve seen disruption in the research industry value chain. But those of us lucky enough to work in the insights business now have greater opportunities than ever before to participate in creating better futures for consumers, and product and brand marketers alike.

In taking up my new role at PRS IN VIVO, I’m joining a team that I’ve admired from afar for years. PRS IN VIVO’s deep and strong customer relationships with the world’s leading brands and companies, have been built not only by world-class client service, but underpinned by market leading packaging and shopper marketing innovations. I, therefore, start this new assignment with huge admiration for the creative talents within the PRS IN VIVO team. In collaboration with our clients, we have pioneered the development of eye-tracking and Retail Labs, applied behavioral science to better understand shopper behavior, and most recently, combined the world’s largest pack research database with Artificial Intelligence to predict the potential of early pack ideas. The team at PRS IN VIVO truly can, does, and will continue to deliver on the “best in class” promise for which our clients recognize us: “Trusted. Proven. Agile. Innovative.”

I’m also joining PRS IN VIVO at a time when disruptions are impacting many of our clients, as well. The omni-channel retail landscape has changed the paradigm for understanding consumer choice, from the way packaging performs on shelf in traditional brick and mortar environments, to the task of standing out on the e-commerce grid. It’s going to be a privilege to work alongside our clients as a member of the PRS IN VIVO team. Together we can solve the growing challenges of today and tomorrow. Nothing is more exciting than creating the future; time to get started…

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