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BVA Summer Sprint 2018: Innovation is at the Heart of Our Business

Here at PRS IN VIVO, we make innovation part of our DNA and everyone contributes. We are a company where everyone is encouraged to participate. Innovation takes experimentation and sometimes it requires investment that never materializes as an actual product but we learn, we validate, we improve, and then we bring new products to the world. Sometimes we may fail but at BVA and our sister companies, we are always encouraged to try.

Many people don’t realize that behind the scenes at PRS IN VIVO, there is a lot of test and learn, trial and error, and experimentation that ultimately leads to innovations that serve clients better, fill unmet needs, and help us drive the business. The manifestation of this is the BVA Summer Sprint Competition where we pitch new research innovations in almost a Shark Tank style approach.

In this annual event, each of the divisions of BVA is able to pitch new innovative tools to seek funding and support. The contest is now in its second year and the company’s internal digital innovation contest took on two themes:

  • Use of voice in market research
  • New ways to create more effective and impacting reporting outputs for clients

Eight teams consisting of international BVA employees selected one of the two themes to design a solution for. For months, they worked closely together to help brainstorm and create tools with the client’s needs in mind.

In October, the teams presented their pitches to the BVA’s Comex in an intense culmination of the Sprint, delivering on the promise of innovative solutions that the company is known for. BVA’s talented groups showcased their groundbreaking ideas with creative pitches and good sportsmanship, despite the high stakes and competitive atmosphere. Also, the pitches allowed for other teams to get inspiration and ideas for future innovations.

In this video celebrating the participants, you can see that there is an air of excitement, fun, and enthusiasm but we are also deadly serious about the need to be on the cutting edge of impactful and effective innovations.  These are not just “bright and shiny objects” but real-life solutions meant to make us more efficient and help us to solve our client’s challenges with greater success.

In the end, one winning team emerged: ZEST. The new innovation is an efficient method of extracting the most significant excerpts from hours of video clips of research. The prize-winning program is then able to compile these choice clips for the user. Thereby, the team created a fast, low-cost solution to the old problem of expensive, time-consuming labor that required someone to sit watching hours of videos.

The winners will see their idea further developed over the coming months.



Coraline Serres is a Research Manager at PRS IN VIVO. She joined the company, after she graduated from Food Engineering and Marketing, 4 years ago. Coraline is based in our French office in Boulogne-Billancourt (Paris region), and last year spent a trimester in our New Jersey office.