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Philips Norelco OneBlade: Disrupting the Shave & Groom Category


  • Philips developed a new hybrid solution in the male shaving & grooming category – an electric product for trimming or shaving any length of hair.  They were interested to see how consumer choice could be influenced by the packaging.
  • PRS IN VIVO applied a behavioral framework so Philips could align on the optimal package design, number of facings, and ideal shelf location configurations.  Qualitative research was conducted in the US and Brazil, and validation with in-person behavioral research in the US.


  • The product and initial pack designs provided a strong value proposition with blades lasting 3 months, longer than competitors. Consumers also valued the attachments, which allowed for different facial hair outcomes. The ideal structure of the pack was identified for maximum visibility.
  • The final packaging design was shaped by PRS IN VIVO’s recommendations.


  • The product launched online and due to overwhelming success it was rolled out to major retail partners in-store as well.
  • Sales exceeded targets in year 1 and doubled the OneBlade business in year 2.
  • The launch was highly incremental to the brand and category, driving category growth


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