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Packaging The Brand For High-Stakes Competition

As brands expand and new products hit the market every day, store shelves are becoming increasingly crowded. The competition for brands and products to be seen on shelf is fierce, and the only way to win is with packaging design.

The pressure to initially attract consumers is complicated by the need to communicate every detail of the product from price justification to verifying advertising claims. Evaluating package design before a product is actually rolled out to shelves across the country can predict how it will perform with consumers. Effective packaging can even drive up sales by intriguing impulse purchases- so long as the consumer can find all the information they need to make the purchase within a few seconds. Among 50,000 SKUs in any given supermarket, great packaging is the only way for brands to be seen.

Learn more about this competitive in-store landscape in the article, “Packaging the Brand for High-Stakes Competition” featured in Forbes by Paul Talbot with quotes from PRS IN VIVO’s Vice President, Scott Brill.

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