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Webinar: Next Generation In-Context Research

Flexible, Technology Driven Solutions to Understand Shopper Behavior

With over 45 years of unrivaled expertise in applying behavioral science to shopper research, PRS IN VIVO announces Next Generation In-Context Research, designed to build a better understanding of real shopper behavior, influence consumer choice, and drive real world business results.

The Next Generation approach to in-context research is based on three fundamental principles:

  • Adding value through innovative and proven technologies such as AI, biometrics,
    e-commerce, video journey mapping, and eye-tracking
  • Interweaving our Behavioral Science Framework into all aspects of a simple, flexible, modular  research approach
  • Helping our clients get closer to their consumers in order to achieve a deeper understanding of their behavior

Register for this webinar to learn about a new approach from the world's leading packaging and shopper research experts.

February 26 at 2 pm Paris time in French 

February 26 at 3 pm NY time in English 

February 27 at 10 am Singapore time in English 

February 27 at 2 pm London time in English

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