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Applying “Deep Dive” Thinking to Accelerated Explorations

Sometime ago, we were working with a client who had a major challenge for which they needed a “deep dive” evaluation: they were a snacks company and they wanted to understand the breakfast occasion in China. It was a big multidimensional challenge that would inform complicated strategy for entering that market with an entirely new product set. They knew it would take a long time and that very in-depth research was needed to try to crack it.

It reminded us of the kind of undersea exploration you might do in a nuclear powered submarine: long time at sea, under water at great depths with a large crew, gathering very significant amounts of data that would take an extended period of time to process. And some quests for intelligence warrant this approach.

Not all marketing challenges are that complex, but they are equally important and often quite urgent. Time constraints and budgets don’t always allow that “deep dive” thinking to understanding consumer behavior in shopper marketing.

When your challenge is “fast and cheap” it is seductive to turn to automated or DIY tools, but “fast” alone is not the answer. Even if you can get it quickly, data is only data, unless a subject expert can help you make sense of it.

With small, often unmanned submersibles, data can be gathered quickly even on the ocean floor. But it is the oceanographers and marine scientists on the surface who will breathe meaning and implications into the findings.

As a research agency with decades of expertise in shopper, product and consumer experience, coupled with expertise in applying the principles of behavioral science to brands’ business challenges, our reason for being is to drive better business outcomes for our clients. We know the criteria with which to approach all aspects of the shopper marketing challenge, so it just makes sense that we would apply a behavioral framework to big client questions.

There are times in which clients just need answers to specific questions . . . . with time and budget constraints.

Which is why we have developed Behavioral Insights. Accelerated by Machine. Enhanced by Humans.

This is a suite of tools designed to answer all the questions clients may have . . . fast, cost effectively, and driven by human experts for validated behavior reliability. These solutions are designed to answer clients’ urgent questions and provide guidance for products and packaging that can maximize potential of profitable conversion by influencing consumer choice:

  • “Does my proposed pack stand out and compete?”
    PackFlash® for fast turn-around online pack testing in the context of the shelf
  • “Will my new product idea be effective with potential to drive growth?”
    PackCept® for in context NPD Concept Testing
  • “Which proposed pack option should I continue optimizing – and how?”
    AI Pack Screener, which couples expert evaluation with an AI derived score, based on the norms of our extensive database

The way we approach Accelerated Behavioral Insights is grounded in the principles we apply equally to deep dives and accelerated explorations. Technology and machines accelerate speed of the insights; human experts ensure the insights reflect validated consumer behavior in complex shopping environments.

Will deep dives become obsolete? On the contrary! Accelerated Behavioral Insights will allow you access to more answers that facilitate short term challenges, enabling you to spend more time and resources in the strategic deep dives. The combination will drive better business outcomes across all category issues.

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Scott Brill joined PRS IN VIVO in 2003, after starting his research career focused on customer satisfaction. As Senior Vice President, Scott’s responsibilities link to accelerating business insights, as well as acting as an advisor to internal teams and several key global accounts. With a particular focus on FMCG packaging, new product development and shopper related issues, he is also heavily involved in the technology, and entertainment sectors. He graduated from Muhlenberg College with degrees in Marketing and Global Economics.