Podcast Ep. 5 – Where Brands & Consumers Connect – PRS IN VIVO – A BVA GROUP COMPANY

Podcast Ep. 5 – Where Brands & Consumers Connect

PRS IN VIVO’s Next Generation In-Context Research methods seamlessly combine our longstanding expertise in replicating shopper reality with innovative technology enabling us to gather data in flexible ways, custom-tailored to fit critical client needs. Clients can observe consumers interacting with their products in the context of shopper choice, within the aisles of a store environment. The results, which can be generated quickly, are guaranteed to be behaviorally validated, and actionable against growth objectives for your brand.

Listen to our latest podcast with Grant Montague, PRS IN VIVO’s Vice President of Europe, discuss the unique facets of Next Generation In-Context Research, its advantages over other shopper research approaches, and a few other points that might just surprise you.

Podcast hosted by PRS IN VIVO Project Director, Jeff Parrote.