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2019 GRIT Survey is Here: Make Your Voice Heard!

A letter to our industry colleagues:

For almost a decade, GreenBook has been surveying insights professionals to uncover the issues that impact our industry: examining how insights factor in solving clients’ quickly evolving business challenges, the perceptions of clients, agencies and suppliers to what makes effective innovations in insight tools, the approaches that are gaining favor, and the role agencies can play applying innovations to the art and science of understanding human behavior.

This year’s GRIT survey was introduced today, and you can participate here.

The GreenBook Industry Trend Report (GRIT) has illuminated convictions held by many of us for a long time, practitioners both in agencies and client insight departments, regarding the full potential of customer understanding to drive commercial outcomes for the brands, products, and services that purchase ‘insight.’

A highly anticipated feature of the report has always been the GRIT Top 50, ranking research agencies based on respondents’ opinions of the Most Innovative Companies.  Several years ago, GreenBook added a component of the survey to identify the Most Innovative Clients.

What strikes us at PRS IN VIVO is that recognizing innovative clients was overdue, and essential. There are three reasons why:

  • Any innovative technology or intellectual framework is only as good as the brave, innovative client who chooses to use it. Not just once, piloting a new, bright shiny object. The most innovative clients make room to experiment deeply with new methodologies, determine their effectiveness, and if they represent a breakthrough, specifically one providing a commercial advantage, repeat the trials.
  • Further, it takes an authentically brave and innovative client to take the especially hard step, embedding methodological innovations into their insights process, adopting them as best practice in the way they answer recurrent commercial questions. This often requires replacing approaches and norms, in place for decades, that “felt” safe, were habitual, but are no longer effective or relevant. And if behavioral science teaches us anything, it’s that breaking habit is hard!
  • The most important reason to acknowledge innovative clients is that these exemplars give other client-side practitioners courage and permission to break their habitual reliance on old methodologies in favor of innovative supplier approaches that better drive true business outcomes. And then, the innovation becomes the new industry standard. In a world of rapid change, in which behavioral science has brought our industry a revolutionary new science to underpin our core product of human understanding, the necessity for our industry to embrace rapid innovation has never been stronger.

This year GreenBook renamed the report, as the “GRIT Innovation and Business Report”, examining innovations in the insights Industry through the lens of what really impacts clients’ business outcomes and strategies.

The survey will remain open for the next three weeks and the report will be released sometime in June.

We urge our clients, our suppliers and competitors to participate. The GRIT Innovation and Business Report will recognize the virtuous circle of innovative clients working with innovative agencies, continually experimenting and striving to improve our effectiveness as an insights industry. GRIT helps the industry fulfill it’s potential, which helps us all.

Would we hope for PRS IN VIVO to be acknowledged as one of those agencies who is bringing effective innovation to the industry?  For sure!

Our commitment to clients will always be driving business outcomes, not simply generating research outputs. We would be humbled to be seen for our recent application of behavioral science and intelligent use of innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence or biometrics, to support our clients in creating improved shopper and product experiences.

But our real hope is that we will be recognized as collaborators and trusted partners with brave clients, together achieving innovation that contributes to clients’ business outcomes.

Please join us and contribute your opinions, thoughts, and nominations to the 2019 GRIT Innovation and Business Report.

- Alex Hunt, CEO, PRS IN VIVO