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Accelerated BeSci Insights for Better Business Outcomes

BeSci Insights:
Accelerated by Machine. Enhanced by Humans.

As busy marketers, sometimes you just want answers to your business questions quickly and cost effectively, because of time and budget constraints.

This is why we developed Accelerated Behavioral Insights: a suite of technology driven tools designed for fast answers that still leverage human experts for validated behavioral reliability:

  • PackFlash®: providing rapid online pack testing, in the context of the full shelf
  • PackCept®: in-context NPD Concept Testing
  • AI Pack Screener: expert evaluation with an AI derived score, calculated on norms from our extensive database of pack and shelf designs

Contact us for the recording of the 30-minute webinar in both English and French to learn how quickly you can gather the answers you need, to increase your odds of profitable brand growth.

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