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Zarbee’s Naturals Case Study: Driving Growth through Packaging Innovation


  • Zarbee’s Naturals has enjoyed impressive growth over the past several years, having evolved to a mix of off-the-shelf structures combined with more proprietary ones.
  • There was a desire to create a consistent visual brand language across its three targeted consumer groups and six product categories, in order to drive increased salience at shelf.
  • PRS IN VIVO fielded quantitative In-Context research in its ShopperLabs on three different packaging designs.


  • Zarbee's ability to combine innovative products based on efficacious ingredients, with ownable, disruptive packaging enabled the disruption of existing categories.
  • PRS IN VIVO’s recommendations, grounded in behavioral science rigor, helped to shape and direct the course of the final go-to-market label design.


  • Market share increased for 7% to 14% in a matter of months after launch.

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