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PRS IN VIVO announces Accelerated Behavioral Insights

A Suite of Agile Shopper Experience Research Services

(Teaneck, NJ) PRS IN VIVO, a BVA Group Company, today announced the creation of a suite of agile research services, Accelerated Behavioral Insights, which combines technology, category experience and human expertise for responsive guidance in NPD, shopper and packaging development.

Scott Brill, SVP, Global Research & Market Development at PRS IN VIVO, who leads the unit bringing Accelerated Behavioral Insights to market, described the benefits as follows:  “Day-to-day business challenges for clients are intensifying and the demands on their research partners are pretty simple:  Clients are looking for responsive partners who understand their business problems.  They want partners who can combine technology and relevant category intelligence to help them address threats and opportunities in shopper marketing, faster and more effectively. Clients want the speed and relative economies they hoped for in their experiments with DIY, but with the trusted and proven competency of true subject experts.”

Offered in combination or separately based on clients’ immediate needs, the suite of tools combines PRS IN VIVO’s expertise in shopper experience and a behavioral framework to form a more predictive path determining which new products will resonate with consumers, and which shopper experiences and packaging designs will best convey their benefits.

The first tools to be included in the suite include:

  • PackCept™, a contextual, early stage concept screener for NPD
  • PackFlash™, a rapid online screener for pack designs
  • AI Pack Screener, a tool to measure and optimize potential pack elements by analyzing new designs against PRS IN VIVO’s extensive pack and shelf database

Brill continues: “It is not strictly about speed; the key take-away for clients is the ability to make crucial decisions reliably.  They want to know that the insights on which they place big bets are based on validated consumer behavior and known scientific principles.  They want cost effective solutions to understand what consumers see and grasp in the context of the rapidly changing shopper environment. What we add to the process, based on our deep expertise in shopper experience and applied behavioral science, is a huge plus in delivering agile and responsive insights solutions, that accelerate clients’ abilities to get the answers they can trust“.

These Accelerated Behavioral Insights tools are the first of a broader set of solutions to be introduced by the Company in the coming year.  The portfolio of agile solutions is offered in addition to other services offered by PRS IN VIVO, including deep-dive strategic shopper evaluations, volume forecasting, in-context qualitative shopper lab testing, product experience testing, and new ways of evaluating and optimizing e-commerce experiences.

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