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Celebrating Innovation that Drives Business Growth

The much anticipated GreenBook Industry Trend (GRIT) 2019 report has been released.

The findings in the study, this year renamed the Business & Innovation Report, are distilled from an annual global survey, polling clients, suppliers, and agencies, on the trends driving transformation through our industry.

The Business & Innovation Report underscores the one metric that will apply to the assessment of innovations delivered by insight suppliers: we will all be measured on the degree to which we are committed to actually driving better business outcomes and growth for our clients.

We are therefore thrilled PRS IN VIVO has been acknowledged in the report’s ranking of the Top 50 Most Innovative Suppliers, debuting on the list this year at #14!

The “Most Innovative” lists in the report, identifying both suppliers and clients, tend to capture the attention – and it is worth taking a hard look at the Top 25 Most Innovative Clients to understand the synergy between buyers and suppliers. At PRS IN VIVO, we’re proud to have worked with all of the CPG clients (and more) who score in the list and congratulate all listed Client Companies on their achievements.

Developing impactful innovation requires deep empathy for clients grappling with the impact of the changing commercial landscape on their businesses.  It takes bravery, a willingness to fail in “test and learn” experimentations, and the tenacity to continuously improve.  To be deserving of this recognition as an innovative agency, takes hard work and dedication from our creative and passionate teams at PRS IN VIVO, at all levels, across the globe.

In the six months since I have taken over leadership of PRS IN VIVO, I have been impressed by the willingness of our teams to embrace change, based on client feedback, and tackle the challenge of creating genuinely effective new tools. It is the efforts of our staff that are the reason we have been recognized and earned our “Most Innovative” listings this year.

The authors of the GRIT Report noted that “being on the GRIT Top 50 serves a far more useful purpose than an accolade; fundamentally, it is a brand tracker using the attribute of “innovation” as the key metric. It has become a reliable way for the players in the insights and analytics ecosystem to measure their own brand awareness and perception.”

At PRS IN VIVO, we take this to heart, grateful that our own reputation is living up to this attribution.  To appear in the “Most Innovative Supplier” List signals industry recognition for a brand promise our team at PRS IN VIVO works hard every day to deliver:  being a trusted and proven, as well as agile and innovative partner in the pursuit of better business outcomes for our clients.

This year’s report lists “Buzz Topics” – areas of interest to both suppliers and buyers derived by analyzing unaided verbatims.  These topics reveal emerging themes, and the relative appetite of clients to adopt new methodologies and technologies in order to generate more commercially helpful insights.  Top of the list were topics including application of AI, research automation, behavioral economics (science), machine learning, data analytics and implicit research techniques.  We are happy to report that all of these have factored significantly in our own innovation pipeline.

There are 6 subcategories in the “Most Innovative Supplier” rankings this year.  In this, our first year making the “Most Innovative” list, PRS IN VIVO ranks in the Top 20 on 5 of the subcategories, including , #9 in Most Innovative Full Services/Field Services Agencies, #10 in Most Innovative Strategic Consultancies and 13th in the Emerging Players segment!

It may seem a contradiction for a consultancy like PRS IN VIVO to be categorized as a “new comer” or for this to be our debut year as “Most Innovative Supplier”. We may not have always shouted it out in our marketing, but innovation has always been a core part of our DNA.

For over 4 decades, as experts in shopper and product experiences, clients have relied on our technological innovations, dating back to our introduction of eye-tracking to consumer research, and the development of world-class Labs for observational in-context research into shopper behavior.  Alongside our clients, we have pioneered robust solutions grounded in the application of behavioral principles, long before it was fashionable or even widely accepted.

Most recently, responding to clients’ needs, we have developed new insights solutions that include implicit biometric measurement of product experience, AR/VR experiments to achieve ever closer shopper reality metrics, as well as robust e-commerce path-to-purchase analysis that blends passive data and truly new qualitative techniques.

Increasing growth challenges have affected all our clients, who need faster access to validated insights for accelerated decision support.  Our solutions that delivered rich, deep, best-in-class outputs have been the trusted choice for reliable prediction of shopper behavior.  As clients’ agendas have become more time sensitive and internal resources and budgets have become more constrained, there has been an urgent need to innovate solutions that address the rapid and pressured business cycles in which our clients, and their consumers, operate.  Clients have implored suppliers, PRS IN VIVO included, to deliver agility, speed, automation, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.

We listened. With renewed commitment and the empowerment of our team members, leveraging the resources of our parent, BVA Group, we have developed a new suite of behavioral science and technology powered shopper solutions, tapping our legacy competencies, to address clients’ most urgent problems. To amplify the deep human experience and domain expertise we have in our global teams, we have invested in AI and other technology-based automation to provide accurate predictions of commercial outcomes with greater cost efficiency and speed.

In the past, PRS IN VIVO has been gratified for the client recognition as a gold standard, trusted and proven advisor, best-in-class in the discipline of measuring and predicting shopper and product experience.  With this year’s GRIT report, we have now achieved the additional recognition of these same clients, and the industry at large, that we are also innovative partners delivering truly agile business consultancy that impacts and drives growth.

Congratulations to all those agencies sharing the “Most Innovative” status this year. It is our collective efforts that will continue to drive optimism about the future of the insights industry.

But credit and thanks especially are due to Innovative Clients.  Without brave and innovative clients, willing to take try pioneering methodologies and make the most effective the new standard, even the best of the “Most Innovative” suppliers would not exist.

Alex Hunt is CEO of PRS IN VIVO, a BVA Group Company, specializing in shopper and product experience consultancy. @AlexHunt84