PRS IN VIVO announces
BEQual™ Toolkit

A Digital Innovation Applying Behavioral Science to Projective Qualitative

(Teaneck, NJ) PRS IN VIVO, a BVA Group Company, today announced the launch of the BEQual™ Toolkit, a digital innovation in the application of behavioral science to projective qualitative research techniques.

The BEQual™ Toolkit uses a combination of tablet computing and a real-time data link to capture participants’ input in projective qualitative exercises and simultaneously transmit consolidated results to client stakeholders, whether they are in the viewing room or back in their offices.

Responses to stimuli are solicited and collected digitally, simulating the familiar behavior of posting a “like” or the creation of a hashtag on social media to describe a consumer’s reaction to a message, concept, or a product.

Developed in conjunction with the PRS IN VIVO Innovation Team, this proprietary toolkit allows respondents in qualitative research settings to react to new packaging designs after exposure to a prototype, interacting as they would with social media platforms.  The respondents engage in a way they find fun and intuitive, often revealing insights that traditional projective techniques might miss.

“There is nothing new about projective techniques in qualitative research; good moderators have always had their personal tricks to elicit responses from participants,” said Sheryl Brie, Senior Qualitative Research Director and key product champion.  “What is new in the BEQual™ Toolkit is that we have systematized the consistent collection of behavioral data in ways very natural and familiar to consumers: posting and commenting online, in platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.  Via the tablet, they create a personal profile, draw and manipulate images, and post comments about what product and pack designs mean to them.”

Ms. Brie continued, “Clients so far have loved the approach because it eliminates the possibility of moderator bias and keeps us honest as researchers as to what the participants actually saw and responded to. The data link is immediate and permanent, and clients can access the unfiltered data and feedback in real time or any time. Reports are delivered much faster, they are easily accessible online for clients to share with other stakeholders.  Clients can actually start interpreting and putting the results into action while they are still in the research room!”

Chief Innovation Officer, Emilie Boutes Eberly noted: “The BEQual™ Toolkit also improves the client experience by delivering the voice of the consumer faster, with much richer insights.  The data is automatically fed to the client participants in the viewing room, or even at their desks back in their offices, thus potentially reducing travel costs.  It enables a memorable portrait of the respondents, bringing to life the segmentation they represent, and providing real time aggregation of their responses.  It is one more example of the agile and innovative solutions PRS IN VIVO is committed to deliver to enhance better business outcomes for our clients.”

The BEQual™ Toolkit can be applied to any qualitative research involving product concept or packaging, enabling faster, richer, more behavioral output that has greater potential to drive more effective marketing decisions.

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