PRS IN VIVO Announces OmniPath™

Applying Behavioral Design to Drive Growth in Omni Channel Retail

(Teaneck, NJ) PRS IN VIVO, a BVA Group Company, specializing in shopper and product experience, today announced the launch of OmniPath™, enabling marketers to map the holistic Omni Channel Path-to-Purchase, identifying the moments where behavioral design can influence consumer choice and brand growth.

“As many as 70% of consumers shop both online and in brick-and-mortar retail, but the surprising stat is that those shoppers who are active in both the digital and physical retail worlds spend more and represent higher value than those who shop in one channel alone,” said Ruben Nazario, Innovation Director and Project Lead on the OmniPath™ solution.

He continued: “Of those Omni Channel shoppers, 81% lean on digital research throughout the shopper journey, often on mobile devices, as they discover, shop for and purchase products in categories from grocery, to electronics, health & beauty, and even luxury.  Identifying consumers’ behavior and “jobs to be done” along the digital Path-to-Purchase, unlocks powerful insights that enable marketers to design interventions that drive consumer choice.”

Chief Innovation Officer, Emilie Boutes Eberly noted, “Our global clients have come to us with questions like ‘How can we win in Amazon or Walmart?’ or ‘How can we influence impulse buys in online grocery environments?’ These granular questions inevitably led to more macro concerns of ‘How do we compete successfully in an omnichannel retail world?’

We decided that we needed to productize our approach, giving clients a consistent, scalable modular solution, based on our behavioral framework to bring clarity to the Omni Channel Path-to-Purchase. The solution reveals the opportunities for driving brand success online and in the physical store. By understanding the key digital and instore consumer touchpoints, marketers can reliably apply behavioral design to develop the most effective shopper marketing strategies to drive revenue across all channels.”

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At PRS IN VIVO, we help marketers to improve shopper and consumer experiences. PRS IN VIVO offers insight & consultancy, grounded in behavioral science, to accurately understand, predict & influence consumer choice.

We conduct over 1,000 studies annually across nearly 50 countries and with over 45 years of experience, we have unmatched data and expertise, along with a powerful track record of helping clients improve their marketing and increase their in-market success.  Debuting this year on the GreenBook GRIT rankings of the Top 50 Most Innovative Research Supplier, PRS IN VIVO ranked #14 in the world, and in the Top 20 in 5 additional subcategories, including recognition for innovation in Strategic Consultancy, Full Service, and Qualitative Research.

We are dedicated to helping clients succeed through the passion & engagement of our team, our constant pursuit of best-in-class expertise & our trusted, proven, innovative & agile solutions.

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