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Using Behavioural Science to Optimise Communications & Drive Brand Growth

We have all seen it: communications vehicles, both external and those directed at internal stakeholders, that may list all the rational reasons to compel an action by the target audience.  They may be persuasive but don’t deliver the desired effect: they don’t succeed driving choice or behaviour.

We may A/B test messages. If the messages involve sign-ups on a website or a call-to-action (CTA) in an App, we may conduct UX assessment.  We may design POSM or in-store marketing based on assumptions about the target customer group.  We may spell out the rational reasons for employees to embrace process change within our organisations.

And still we often fail to realize our communications objectives.

The answer may be quite simple but at the same time elusive.  Persuasion, no matter how erudite, clever or seemingly obvious isn’t enough. Effective communications need to lead to desired behavioural change.

This can be frustrating until we realize that seen through a behavioural lens; small changes thus identified, can actually lead to better adoption and more effective communications and marketing.

As part of the BVA Group, we have the privilege of working with a dynamic group of global practitioners in our sister companies who specialize in the application of behavioural science that help our collective clients achieve more sustainable success meeting business goals.

One such partner in the BVA Group, the BVA Nudge Unit provides a range of practical consultative services to address sustainable behavioural change across the range of management challenges faced by most companies.  They do it through what they define as “nudges” – the small nuances that can drive big successful change.

Recently, they have launched a service aimed at the optimisation of communications through the application of a COGNITION Audit.

Simple (but not simplistic), cost effective and time efficient, the COGNITION Audit has allowed numerous clients to achieve surprising effects, improving communications and driving behavioural change.  These have resulted in increased digital engagement with clients’ communications executions, improved customer and sales conversion in call centres, improved adoption and compliance with new processes, and overall measurable improvement meeting key communications objectives.

We are so impressed with what we have seen that we wanted to provide you with a link to the group, and this specific service, in the event that communications are proving to be a challenge within your company and your stakeholder teams.

You can watch a short video here and if you would like a deeper dive into how COGNITION Audits might help your company, contact Richard Chataway and the BVA NUDGE Unit to learn more:

The BVA Nudge Unit globally is tackling some of the most urgent business challenges faced by companies, governmental agencies and NGOs, including issues of sustainability, gender equality, diversity & inclusion in corporate employment practices, wellness, compliance and safety in the workplace, in healthcare and the city of the future.
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Andy Rushforth is the Vice President, Market Development for PRS IN VIVO based in London. Andy helps clients identify opportunities to grow their brands by applying a behavioral framework to understand consumers’ shopper and product experiences.