BVA Group Ranks in GreenBook’s Market Leaders Report – PRS IN VIVO – A BVA GROUP COMPANY

BVA Group Ranks in GreenBook’s Market Leaders Report

PRS IN VIVO's parent company, BVA Group, has ranked in GreenBook's Market Leaders Report as a top market research company in the industry today, measured by revenue and brand success.

Founded in 1970, Gerard Lopez, CEO of BVA Group, states, "BVA Group is a fast-growing research and consulting firm, expert in behavioral science, ranked in the top 20 world-wide agencies. BVA brings data to life and converts deep understanding of customers and citizens into behavior change strategies. We operate both for public and private clients with methodologies fueled by data-science and behavioral science.

Our FMCG specialist (PRS IN VIVO) is a global leader in packaging and shopper research, and BVA Group is a European leader in customer experience research (feed-back-management, mystery-shopping, quality monitoring, customer satisfaction & NPS and ethnography). More than 100 leading brands use our behavioral insights to provide seamless shopper journeys and design successful new products and services, including solutions from our multi-awarded Global Nudge-Unit.

As well as its various offices in France, BVA has offices in New York, Chicago, London, Geneva, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Rome, Milan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore."

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