We’re Coming to IIeX EU 2020 in Amsterdam – PRS IN VIVO – A BVA GROUP COMPANY

We’re Coming to IIeX EU 2020 in Amsterdam

The PRS IN VIVO team is headed to IIeX EU 2020 25-26 February! Don't miss the presentation by Senior VP, Head of Behavioral Qualitative, Matt Michaud, and Chief Innovation Officer, Emilie Boutes Eberly, on Wednesday, 26 February at 2:00 PM:

Qual: on its Best Behaviour

Behavioural science has taught us that consumers are unreliable witnesses to their own choices. So, why hasn’t qualitative research evolved to capture truly authentic consumer behaviour?

An alarmingly high number of brands are regularly using qual as a cheaper and faster proxy for more robust evaluative quantitative research. If we are to give our clients the best chances of marketing success, it’s time that we all put quality back into qualitative and for clients to fully embrace the rich benefits of its immersive and exploratory nature.

In an unprecedently agile and transient world, the traditional plug and play supplier model is fast becoming obsolete. Brands need partners that can leverage authentic consumer behaviour, holistically, through reinvented qualitative and combined methods throughout the product lifecycle. This leads to more inspiring creative briefs, more successful product launches, and ultimately more effective marketing.

At PRS IN VIVO, we have shaped our new consultative offer around a holistic journey of 4 key stages.

  • Immersion & Inspiration
  • Building & Iterating
  • Guiding & Refining
  • Building for the Future

This reconfigured approach to qualitative research, infused with innovative tech and tools that tap into the eyes, pulse and voice of our consumers, is the key to unlocking in-market success and brand growth.  

Join us at IIeX EU

Contact us at info@prs-invivo.com to find out how to get a ticket compliments of PRS IN VIVO.