PRS IN VIVO Announces the Launch of LAB

Qualitative Services Recalibrated to Leverage Authentic Behavior

(Teaneck, NJ) PRS IN VIVO, a BVA Group Company, specializing in shopper and product experience consultancy, today announced the launch of LAB, a suite of innovative qualitative services designed to Leverage Authentic Behavior from consumers, in order for brands to realize success across their entire lifecycle of development, design and marketing of products through a behavioral lens.

“For too long, time and budget constraints have driven brands to misuse qualitative methods as a cheap proxy for evaluative quantitative, and therefore, underutilizing its true exploratory value of unearthing deep insight. There’s a real need for agile and immersive solutions, harnessing the power of qualitative techniques as they were always meant to be: fueling more insightful creative and design briefs, enabling more successful innovations, and informing better marketing campaigns,” said Matt Michaud, Senior VP of Behavioral Qualitative.  “We set out to curate an agile suite of tools, grounded in our proprietary behavioral framework, to uncover rich insights that are memorable, actionable and fundamental to driving product and category success.”

The four pillars of LAB are built around a partner consultancy model, which includes Immersion and Inspiration, Build and Iterate, Guide and Refine, and Always Ahead. Co-creating with clients’ design agencies, creative and influential consumers, and the PRS IN VIVO behavioral, semiotic and ethnographic experts, insights are then developed into the blueprints for successful product development.  Fully holistic and embedded in behavioral science, LAB also taps into PRS IN VIVO’s quantitative tools to further validate the LAB-derived consumer understanding. 

Chief Innovation Officer, Emilie Boutes Eberly added, “LAB is designed to combine our behavioral framework, world-class in-context modes of observation, and a rigorous approach to applying best-in-class technology, to Leverage Authentic Behavior. With LAB, we become the eyes, voice, and pulse of your consumers and shoppers, throughout the entire development and marketing lifecycle.” 

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PRS IN VIVO (a BVA Group Company) is a global shopper and product experience consultancy, expert in the application of behavioral science that helps companies to predict and influence consumer choice and drive brand growth.  

We conduct consumer research across nearly 50 countries, utilizing best in class technology to draw on our 45 years of experience, our category and product expertise, and our behavioral framework, to help clients improve their brand and product marketing, and achieve better business outcomes.

We are dedicated to helping clients succeed through the passion & engagement of our teams, our commitment to partnership, and our trusted, proven, innovative & agile solutions.

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