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Web-in-9 | Leverage Authentic Behavior through the LAB Suite

The qualitative sector is growing immensely, and the agencies reaping the highest rewards are those that have adapted their portfolio to the digital pace of life while staying true to the most structural qualitative principles: immersion, observation, exploration, and hypothesis generation.

At PRS IN VIVO, we're proud to announce the launch of LAB, our consultative qualitative arm designed to help you Leverage Authentic Behavior of the consumer holistically and at a digital pace, leading to better business outcomes. 

Listen to our Web-in-9 (an on-demand 9 minute webinar because we know that you're busy) from our Senior Vice President & Head of Behavioral Qualitative, Matt Michaud to learn about our LAB framework around these 4 key stages:

  • Immersion & Inspiration
  • Building & Iterating 
  • Guiding & Refining
  • Always Ahead 

Register below to watch the Web-in-9: