Podcast Ep. 15 – Qual On Its Best Behavior – PRS IN VIVO – A BVA GROUP COMPANY

Podcast Ep. 15 – Qual On Its Best Behavior

Over the years, the purpose and capabilities of qualitative research have sometimes been misconstrued, with qual often being utilized as the “poor man’s quant” for brands to make concrete decisions and reach conclusions. But brands must embrace a strong behavioral qualitative framework that explores behavior and informs hypotheses that can then be validated with combined quantitative research to achieve better business outcomes.

Listen as SVP and Head of Behavioral Qualitative, Matt Michaud, explains the role of qualitative research, the strength of using qual to motivate quant validation, and how our new innovative suite of qualitative consultancy tools, LAB, allow clients to Leverage Authentic Behavior holistically throughout the product life cycle in order for brands to realize success.

Podcast hosted by VP, Client Development, Matt Salem.