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Join Us for A Behavioral Conversation

DATE & TIME | April 2 (Thursday) at 12 pm Eastern

DURATION | Since we know you don't have all day: 75 minutes

In this current environment in which conferences are being postponed and travel restricted, the opportunity for the industry, clients and agencies, to share expertise and learn together how behavioral science can grow brands and businesses is becoming more limited.

As a group of industry friends, we decided to do something in the face of this market challenge. We are collaborating to continue to bring the best, quality content, thought leadership and learning rooted in behavioral science to all stakeholders, wherever you are, during this unique moment.

We invite you to A Behavioral Conversation: a series of virtual events in which we will share knowledge, findings, points of view, and the “ABC’s” of the latest in applying behavioral science to growing brands and businesses.

It won’t be a substitute for the camaraderie and networking we all enjoy when attending live events.  We are hoping that this is temporary, and we will see you all in person very soon.  But in the meantime, join us and let’s keep the conversation going!

Join the Conversation

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Topics will include ...

  • Maru/Matchbox
    Intersection of BeSci and Health: Discover Hidden Emotional Drivers of Patient Treatment Decisions
  • Mindstate Group
    Messaging to Collective Uncertainty: Using Behavioral Psychology to Optimize Your Marketing Communications during Troubling Times
  • Protobrand
    Behavioral Science at Work: Reaching Deeper Brand Meaning
    Will COVID-19 Change the Way We Shop Forever?