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PRS IN VIVO Announces the New & Improved Accelerated FlashSuite

Further Flexibility for Screening, Validating and Optimizing Pack Designs

(Teaneck, NJ) PRS IN VIVO, a BVA Group Company, specializing in shopper and product experience consultancy, known for their behavioral framework, today announced the latest enhancements to their agile solutions for screening, validating and optimizing packaging designs, at every stage of development.  Launched initially in 2019, the Accelerated FlashSuite, now includes enhancements to the deliverables and business model intended to increase flexibility, deliver automated reporting, and provide further cost savings and economies of scale.

  • AI Pack Screener is now offered in a bundled pricing model, providing clients with a streamlined package to test numerous ideas earlier in the development process, comparing pack designs against AI-enabled analysis of PRS IN VIVO’s large normative database of pack and shelf designs. Clients also have options for adding expert input through deeper dive exploratory modules for the designs with the highest scores identified by the algorithm.
  • PackFlash™, PRS IN VIVO’s online pack validation tool, now comes with focused and clear fully automated results as well as a tiered pricing model to deliver maximum flexibility and “fit for purpose” options for validation measurement across a range of client criteria.

“When you innovate in an agile, iterative fashion, it allows you to test and learn.  This is true for clients striving to propel great products forward in market.  But it is also true for research partners and the solutions we build to help our clients grow.

We were thrilled that AI Pack Screener and PackFlash™ achieved rapid adoption in the marketplace when we first introduced them. Early client users provided priceless feedback and input that allowed us to evolve this next release.  We have embedded even more effective functionality in the latest iteration, designed to better meet clients’ goals for growth,” said Emilie Boutes Eberly, PRS IN VIVO’s Chief Innovation Officer.

CEO, Alex Hunt commented further: “The search for agile solutions in market research too often has been defined in terms of ‘fast and cheap’. This is a false value proposition as it gives clients less than they deserve. From the beginning of the development of the PRS IN VIVO agile tool set, we have understood that clients need an expert behavioral framework and flexibility to guide reliable and rapid decision making that will ultimately deliver brand growth. Of course, agile solutions must be fast and cost-effective. But the key characteristic that we have seen clients embrace as they have adopted our tools, is flexibility. This is also reflected in the support our clients show for the constant evolution and improvement of PRS IN VIVO’s entire portfolio of solutions.”

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