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The Enhanced FlashSuite for Improving Pack Designs

We understand these are unique times. As businesses adapt to changing conditions, the quest for creative yet reliable solutions will be even more critical to understanding consumer behavior.

Before the current circumstances, we had been hard at work building on our suite of agile tools to test & iterate, throughout the pack design development process. We decided this might be a good time to share them.

Our newly enhanced Accelerated FlashSuite offers clients flexible online & virtual tools to screen, validate, and optimize pack designs, in days, with maximum reliability.

Our presenters will share our latest innovations & new pricing models, created to fit clients' unique challenges:

  • Virtually screen your concepts without even talking to a consumer, by leveraging our extensive database of pack & shelf designs with AI analytics
  • Validate packs online with fully automated reporting, and options to answer all your business questions confidently, without compromise

We are confident that the current conditions will be temporary. But as always, we are here to help. Reach out if you are in need of consumer insight delivered in a Flash!

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