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Empathy in the midst of COVID-19 Impacted Holidays
Episode 1: Passover

With a number of significant religious celebrations happening over the coming weeks, in the midst of people being quarantined, many families will approach these holidays for the first time in an entirely new and different way.

At PRS IN VIVO, we’ve engaged our newly launched Empathy LAB tapping into our global network of consumers to hear their views on the impact COVID-19 will have on their plans to observe and celebrate Passover, Easter and Ramadan.

We will be sharing insights with you, derived from these consumer video conversations, over the next few weeks, as we stay connected with consumers in these challenging times. 

This week’s first video includes interviews from members of the Jewish community in US, UK and Israel.

Empathy LAB is PRS IN VIVO’s proprietary video ethnography tool, designed to capture real people doing real things in real environments. It is one of the modules in our new LAB suite of consultancy services built around a behavior-centric framework providing insight right across our clients’ product life cycles.

The LAB Framework (Leveraging Authentic Behaviour), is built on sound principles of behavioural science, where observation of real consumer behaviour consistently acts as a crucial starting point.

The framework affords clients a means of ensuring that they can Immerse and Inspire, Build and Iterate, Guide and Refine, and Always Stay Ahead through qualitative interpretation of authentic consumer behaviour wherever they are in the development of new products and shopper experiences.  During an industry-wide pause in face-to-face research, our LAB suite enables agile and intimate access to consumers, living their lives and sharing their insights, emotions and motivations. 

We were humbled by consumers sharing some of the profound ways COVID-19 is changing the way they will observe holiday traditions, both religious and secular.  Here are some takeaways we observed re Passover:

Passover this year will present a number of challenges for the Jewish community across the globe:

  • Being physically distant from loved ones at a time when extended families want to feel more connected than ever before
  • Being confined to their homes during a celebration inextricably associated with sharing, conviviality and abundance
  • Feeling concern over access to specific food and ingredients that meet Kosher standards

However, many members of the community remain positive and even excited at the prospect of a more intimate Seder with only immediate family members relieving the workload and levels of hosting pressure.

Many Rabbis have also taken the unprecedented decision to allow the use of digital technology (no complaints from the kids!) so families can still share in the rituals over video platforms.

It’s tough to say if the more humble nature of Passover 2020 will consign it to oblivion or whether its digital dimension will launch the birth of the Zoom Seder!

We hope you enjoy our video synopsis of the Empathy LAB findings, and if you would like to discuss them and the LAB approach in more depth, please reach out.

Look out for our Easter edition, which we will publish on Good Friday!

Matt Michaud
is Senior Vice President - Head of Behavioural Qualitative at PRS IN VIVO, a BVA Group company, providing consultancy in the application of behavioural science product and shopper experience.