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PRS IN VIVO Announces Agile Pack Testing for eCommerce

Reliable Behavioral Metrics for Validating Packs in Online Retail

(Teaneck, NJ) PRS IN VIVO, a BVA Group Company, specializing in shopper and product experience consultancy, today announced a new solution expanding the online pack design testing portfolio, PackFlash™, providing metrics for success of product images in eCommerce contexts.

PackFlash™ eCommerce draws on PRS IN VIVO’s proprietary behavioral framework and the world’s largest database of pack and shelf designs to deliver the same confidence in decision making for presenting products in eCommerce environments, as its best-in-class pack testing methodologies provide for physical retail. An extension of the PackFlash™ testing solution for physical pack designs, the new PackFlash™ eCommerce solution provides the same flexibility, ease of use, economies of scale and agility required to make decisions about pack designs on eCommerce grids, across all global regions and an exhaustive range of retailers’ online shopping platforms.

The new solution works in parallel with the core PackFlash™ online solution for testing physical packaging, so that brands now have a fully integrated and reliable set of metrics to validate and optimize images and designs of product packaging across Omni Channel environments.

“Especially in FMCG and grocery categories, the product is the “star” for brands trying to influence consumer choice. But context matters. If brands are going to drive sales, the role of the product image as it is viewed on the eCommerce grid is as crucial as pack design in the context of physical retail.” said Emilie Boutes Eberly, PRS IN VIVO’s Chief Innovation Officer.

She continued:  “Our clients have been telling us they find eCommerce environments maddeningly complex:  consumers’ attentions spans are short, images brands are allowed to represent their products are small, and retailers’ web layout variables and restrictions constrict brands’ ability to stand out.  Our years of experience evaluating shopper behavior online, as well as in brick-and-mortar retail, affords us unparalleled expertise to help clients understand how best to represents product packs so they perform optimally in eCommerce, as well as in the physical store.

We are pleased that the new PackFlash™ eCommerce solution provides our clients with a robust and agile solution to predict and increase the odds of success in pack design, regardless of the channel in which consumers shop for products.”

CEO, Alex Hunt commented further: “Even before COVID-19, we saw many signs predicting growth in grocery eCommerce retail in the coming years.  The challenge of the pandemic has hastened the rate at which consumers are adopting digital shopping options. We have invested heavily in solutions that help our clients to make accelerated decisions in order to ensure their products are seen, chosen and purchased in these increasingly important online retail platforms. Having metrics that align with the norms clients rely on for evaluating physical pack designs, and making these available in very rapid turnaround, will make it easier for clients to make agile decisions for representing product packs in the context of eCommerce.

Recognizing that this is a challenging time when so many are impacted by Coronavirus related disruptions, we will be offering the PackFlash™ eCommerce add-on at steeply discounted rates to any clients who need to succeed in this complex online environment. As a trusted partner, it is the right thing to do. Our client services teams are standing by to assist any client ready to get started.”

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