A Behavioral Conversation: Looking to the Future – PRS IN VIVO – A BVA GROUP COMPANY

A Behavioral Conversation: Looking to the Future

A Behavioral Conversation is an ongoing virtual series from four industry friends who are collaborating to celebrate the Leaders of Tomorrow with quality content rooted in Behavioral Science. For 8 sessions recurring from August to December, we are looking for young professionals in the industry who want to discuss exciting new trends and topics in consumer behavior.

Each session will include:

    • Showcasing New Talent (Colleagues or Brand Marketers) to provide you actionable learnings
    • Presenting Our Future with recent Graduates with a fresh outlook and new thought-provoking points-of-view
  • Client Conversations on trends and insights

We look forward to keeping the conversation going with you!

If you are a recent graduate, college student, or young professional interested in participating in one of these 8 events, please reach out to Janice Lai at Janice.Lai@prs-invivo.com.

Join Our Conversation

If you are unable to join us live, a copy of the presentation and recording link will be provided afterwards to all those who register. Thank you!