🎙️ A Behavioral Conversation | Looking to the Future – PRS IN VIVO – A BVA GROUP COMPANY

🎙️ A Behavioral Conversation | Looking to the Future

A Behavioral Conversation Continues ... But with a Twist!

Our ongoing virtual series with our industry friends (Maru/Matchbox, Mindstate Group, and Protobrand) is being revamped. We are collaborating to Celebrate the Leaders of Tomorrow with quality content rooted in Behavioral Science on a new, engaging platform.

Each session will have different speakers and topics and include:
  • Showcasing New Talent from our teams and/or brand marketers to provide you actionable learnings
  • Presenting Our Future with recent College Graduates who have a fresh outlook and new thought-provoking points-of-view
  • Client Conversations on Key Trends and Insights
Check out our previous conversations on our Vimeo Channel (password: ABC2020) presenting insights such as:
  • Designing for Behavior Change two-part interview with best-selling author, Stephen Wendel and Mindstate Group on June 4th and July 9th
  • PRS IN VIVO's fireside chat with Nestlé USA on Consumer Trends and Observing Consumer Habits & Behavior on June 4th
  • Protobrand's discussion with Diageo on the emerging post-Coronavirus Consumer on April 23rd
  • Maru/Matchbox's AI technology that helps Overcome Human Biases on August 5th
Topics for August 19 include:
  • PRS IN VIVO's Vice President of Innovation Product Lead, Ruben Nazario (pictured right) with Colgate-Palmolive's Strategic Insights Manager, Alex Bowsher, asking Will Sustainability Efforts Survive in an Omni Channel World? 

Register for Our Next Conversation on August 19th

Upcoming Dates include: August 19, September 2, September 23, October 7, October 21, November 11, and December 2

Time: 12 pm to 1:30 pm New York Time

If you are unable to join us live for one of the dates, a copy of the presentation and recording link will be provided afterwards to all those who register.