Close of the Summer Series: Combining Digitization and Behavioral Science to Harvest Business Outcomes 🏖️ – PRS IN VIVO – A BVA GROUP COMPANY

Close of the Summer Series:
Combining Digitization and Behavioral Science to Harvest Business Outcomes 🏖️

As summer draws to a close, you can even feel a difference in the air.  In the Northeastern part of the US, we have moved from hot days with socially distanced barbecues and corn on the cob to cooler crisper nights, quickly approaching some version of back to school, and even the start of apple picking on the weekends.  This year, we are all nostalgic for past summers, not impacted by a pandemic and economic downturn, and looking forward to the fall, where we can help brands achieve the best outcomes they can in the evolving New Shopper Normal.

We have focused our attention in this summer series on an analysis of the importance of marrying digitization with a behavioral framework across the various disciplines in the marketing functions we help our clients support.  To summarize in this final post of our summer series, we are going to examine and highlight examples of how we have applied this thinking to our core research product strategy.  And, if you will indulge us in a bit of metaphorical thinking, we will share a few ideas about harvesting consumer insights.

So, what has the summer series covered:

  • We looked at the new imperative to applying a digital and behavioral lens to influence the omnichannel path-to-purchase.
  • We walked you through the exciting possibilities for agile decision making when brands can screen pack design solutions with the speed and accuracy of a digitally driven behavioral approach.
  • We have articulated the overall benefits of this blended digital and behavioral formula for evaluating shopper and product experience.

It brings us back full circle, to something that has been core to our business since its inception, and the ongoing commitment to innovation that is technology but also purpose driven.

Unlike many other research suppliers, our legacy and frankly that often-cited characteristic, “our DNA” has been understanding consumer and shopper behavior through observation as well as interrogation, in person, in context and online.  Even before it was in vogue to call research “behavioral”, we applied revolutionary technology, for its day, in the form of eye-tracking to understand what shoppers actually saw on shelf and not just what they said they saw.

We have decades of experience (not to mention the world’s largest repository of shelf design across categories from grocery to drug store to convenience) that give our clients an advantage, when it comes to interpreting this digital data, especially now that the technology to observe and interrogate is migrating online.

But the real differentiator is our behavioral framework.  It allows us not only to tell our clients what the Digital Data says, but through our experience and expertise, what the data means and how to grow the brands we serve.

I’m not a gardener myself, but friends who are tell me that a combination of factors are the only way to ensure you get a good crop every season: good soil, enough warm days and sunlight, water and cultivation, and the intrinsic knowledge of the art of growing things.

Same goes with harvesting consumer insights.  Data alone will not do it.  Experience without digital tech will only get you so far.  And either won’t really help you make decisions that drive a brand forward, in a timely manner, without viewing the insights in a behavioral context.

With that in mind, we are committing ourselves to marrying our behavioral expertise and framework to a “Digital First” objective in PRS IN VIVO’s research innovation strategy.  Whether it is the examination of the increasingly digital life of consumers, or the way we capture and interpret data and observations about the holistic nature of what influences consumers on and offline, the insights we harvest for clients will bear fruit from a foundation of behavioral expertise.  The best of both Digitization and Behavior research to give clients the best consultative guidance to grow their businesses.

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The Close of the Summer Series: Combining Digitization & Behavioral Science to Harvest Business Outcomes

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Alex Hunt is the CEO of PRS IN VIVO, a BVA Group company, which provides behaviorally driven consultancy in shopper and product experience. Follow Alex on Twitter @AlexHunt84 and Instagram @AlexHunt71214.