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BVA Group Ranks in GreenBook’s Market Leaders Report

PRS IN VIVO’s parent company, BVA Group, has ranked in GreenBook’s Market Leaders Report as a top market research company in the industry today, measured by revenue and brand success. Read the interview with BVA Group’s CEO, Gerard Lopez, and access to the full report.

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Podcast Ep. 12 – Influencing Consumer Choice through Behavioral Design

What is “Design Thinking” and how do we employ it properly? Listen to this special episode recorded live at our NYC Global OmniTour event focused on Decoding the Omni Channel Path-to-Purchase in which PRS IN VIVO CEO, Alex Hunt, and Chief Design Officer of Aon Corporation, Lyle Sandler, discuss the importance of thinking creatively as a business to form strong relationships with consumers, colleagues, and clients.

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Sample the Omni Channel: Patience is a Virtue

Happening before our eyes, the shopper world is blending retail platforms to create Omni Channel experiences for their consumers. This is an effort by cognizant companies to immerse their shoppers into a fused, painless shopping experience.

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Can Happiness Science Help Save the Mall Experience?

A recent article by Jing Daily, featuring insights from PRS IN VIVO Luxury, discusses how the new Galeries Lafayette in Shanghai is leveraging Behavioral and Happiness Sciences to attract younger Chinese consumers by elevating the customer experience through peak moments and ultimately improving the customer journey.

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