Doritos Flamin’ Hot Nacho: BeSci Research Validates packaging for a New Product Launch

February 27, 2019


  • Doritos developed a new product built on the heritage of Doritos Nacho Cheese with the Flamin’ Hot flavor profile.
  • Initial immersive Qual, coupled with the speed of PRS IN VIVO’s proprietary Quali-Quant approach (in a PRS IN VIVO ShopperLab environment) was conducted with a modular and flexible vision, allowing Frito-Lay to explore various design options and employ fast decision making.


  • Behavioral in-context research highlighted the potential of the “burning bag” design to communicate the product’s flavor and heat promise, drive attention and impact consumer choice/drive sales at shelf.
  • The final pack design reflected the optimal fit between the packaging and product experience.


  • Frito-Lay was able to launch the new product in conjunction with Super Bowl advertising, maximizing advertising return on investment and pack efficacy – to help surpass initial sales expectations.

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