Applying BeSci to the OmniShopper World

February 4, 2019

On 13 February 2019 at 1:30 pm in Room 3, PRS IN VIVO’s Ted Utoft and Giulia Berna will be speaking at Quirk’s London on “Applying Behavioural Science for Profitable Sales in the OmniShopper World“.

The shopping landscape is vastly changing with consumers’ shopping behavior in-store, online and the intersection between both channels. Options for delivery range from to your doorstep to pick-up in stores. Brands now have to compete to influence consumer choice in all channels. This new omnichannel environment requires a next-generation approach to shopper research.

PRS IN VIVO has been helping brands engineer their presence in the traditional brick-and-mortar retail environment for over 45 years but now there is an opportunity for these brands to do the same in the e-commerce setting. Applying a behavioral lens to truly gauge how consumers choose and buy your products is the best practice for winning in the omnichannel world.

Physical shopping has been driven by quick and automatic System 1 thinking while e-commerce is often designed for the rational System 2 thinking. But by applying behavioral sciences online, brands can increase sales and win in the new omnichannel retail reality.

Key takeaways include:

  • Applying a behavioral framework to shopper research reveals richer insights needed to optimize sales in the online environment.
    E-commerce research needs to transcend simple AB testing in order to uncover the behavioral cues that will ensure your product is the product chosen.
    Tactics that succeeds on shelf are not necessarily tactics that succeeds on the e-commerce grid. The presentation will identify some essential behavioral opportunities to engage shoppers online.
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