Applying Data Mining and AI for Successful Packaging

July 13, 2018

Introducing a Predictive Model for Successful Packaging, Driven by Data Mining & AI

How can “big data” help brands develop more effective packaging and accurately predict which designs will be successful in market?

How can we leverage our data and learning to provide actionable design guidance, both quickly and inexpensively?

With these questions in mind, PRS IN VIVO recently revisited our database (over 25,000 design systems) and applied AI/Machine Learning to develop the first Predictive Model for Packaging.

In our latest Learning Lab webinar, Scott Young and Olivier Blanchet of PRS IN VIVO shared:

  • Insights from a recent meta-analysis that led to the development of this model, including which types of design changes are most likely to drive success (and risk)
  • A new model to quickly screen packaging options and predict success, with deliverables within days
  • The development of a Predictive Algorithm, by applying artificial intelligence and machine learning

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learn more about this new approach to predicting packaging success.