Applying Nudge to Pharma Market Research

January 8, 2018

On February 15 (Thursday) at 9:50 am – 10:25 am, Jonathan Asher will be speaking at the Pharma Market Research Conference in Newark, NJ.

The conference is designed to include powerful sessions in various formats from expert speakers hitting groundbreaking territory and discussing what matters most.

Jonathan Asher will be at the conference speaking about:

PRS IN VIVO has pioneered the application of behavioral economics to marketing.

Its “Nudge” unit works with marketers to better understand the underlying (and often sub-conscious) forces impacting decision making – and to identify powerful levers to drive behavioral change. This session will reveal:

  • How behavioral economics principles can help marketers to better understand “irrational” decision-making behavior and create more effective communications
  • How small “Nudges” can drive choice decisions far more efficiently and effectively than more expensive, traditional (and rational) marketing efforts
  • How companies and health care providers can apply a disciplined process for identifying and executing “Nudge” opportunities with case studies included from our engagements

This learning will have implications for encouraging compliance, wellness choices and staff interactions to enhance the patient experience.

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