How Mobile Behavioural Measurement Surpasses Traditional Methodologies

November 7, 2018

On November 28 at 1 pm, PRS IN VIVO’s Senior Research Director, Nichole Gu will be speaking about “Indonesia’s Snack Market: How Mobile Behavioural Measurement Surpassed Traditional Methodologies” at IIeX 2018 AP in Bangkok.

In this presentation, PRS IN VIVO will join forces with MDI combining in-the-moment mobile consumption and purchasing behaviour measurement to showcase an innovative and more valid U&A approach. This collaboration focuses on Indonesia’s burgeoning Snack Market and utilizes mobile behavioural measurement to surpass traditional methodologies in the identification, qualification and prioritization of category opportunities and emerging threats.

Nichole Gu has been with PRS IN VIVO since 2014 and currently leads the Asia business across its Singapore and Shanghai offices.

A strategic thinker but with a keen eye for details, Nichole builds strong advisor/ partner relationships with clients and is passionate about delivering actionable insights and recommendations which impact business decision-making.

Before joining PRS IN VIVO, Nichole was the Regional Client Director for P&G and Mondelez at Kantar.

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