Optimize Your Packaging for E-Commerce at MRMW NA

January 17, 2018

Matt Salem will be speaking at MRMW NA in Cincinnati, OH.

The conference is designed and crafted for consumer insight, analytics and market research professionals to stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations.

Matt Salem will be at the conference speaking about:

Optimizing Packaging for E-Commerce:  Understanding the Challenges & Opportunities

While e-commerce for consumer goods is experiencing explosive growth, this channel is still in its infancy – and all stakeholders (manufacturers, retailers and even shoppers) are at the very start of the learning curve.

With this mind, PRS IN VIVO has recently conducted several studies (in the U.S., Europe and China) to document e-commerce shopping trips and better understand:

  • The role of packaging in the e-commerce shopping experience
  • The difference in shopping patterns across devices (desktop vs. mobile devices)
  • What form of packaging presentation is most effective for e-commerce   (Showing the same pack that appears on shelf?  A simplified version?  A “romanticized” version?)

This presentation will share new research (including eye-tracking of shopping trips on both desktop and mobile devices) that helps to answer these questions.   It will also include several “principles of effective packaging” that marketers and designers can apply to help optimize product presentation in e-commerce environments.

Also, check out our blog  post on “Succeeding at E-Commerce by being Shopper-Centric“.

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