PRS IN VIVO Launches Next-Generation In-Context Research

February 6, 2019

Flexible, Technology Driven, Behavioral Services to Achieve Real World Business Results

(Teaneck, NJ)   PRS IN VIVO, the global leader in shopper insights, announces Next Generation In-Context Research, designed to provide a better understanding of real shopper behavior in order to influence consumer choices that have a real world impact on business results.

Understanding three things is critical in today’s complex retail world: how shoppers interact with products in real environments, what influences shoppers’ purchase behaviors, and how to design choice architectures in order to win in every retail channel. Next Generation In-Context Research provides answers to these questions in an innovative behavioral framework that is flexible, modular and simple to implement.

“Our clients have always valued our robust and immersive research methodologies. But we are passionately and relentlessly focused on how we can innovate, improve and enhance the in-context services that they have come to trust and depend on,” said PRS IN VIVO’s Vice President, Sam Albert. “Our Next Generation approach to in-context research has three founding principles: interweaving Behavioral Science into all aspects of a simpler and more flexible in-context research framework, adding value by including innovative and proven technologies, and helping brands achieve a closer consumer connection.”

He continued: “We have incorporated new technologies to improve decision making:  AI to predict outcomes, a non-intrusive biometric bracelet to measure emotion, as well as enhanced eye-tracking and video journey mapping. In addition, every project can include an e-commerce module, since we know that shopper reality is no longer just brick and mortar.”

“No matter your time or budget constraints, we can provide you with in-context solutions that get you closer to shopper reality and the behavioral ‘path to purchase’ journey, which is so much more complex in today’s environment.,” said PRS IN VIVO’s Managing Director of France, Patrick Pinard. “While other companies are talking about behavioral science in the recent past, we have been applying behavioral science to shopper research for over 45 years.”

The Next Generation In-Context Research services provide a deeper understanding of shopper and consumers’ choice architecture, data driven and video evidence to convince clients’ internal stakeholders of the observed and documented behaviors, and predictive results that include precise recommendations, driven by proven key behavioral levers.  This leads to better marketing decisions that have “real life” impact on the consumers’ path to purchase, and builds brands’ growth.

More information about in-context research and other new PRS IN VIVO agile solutions can be obtained by contacting Janice Lai at PRS IN VIVO (

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